Click here to download the current version of the Photography Toolbox: Photography Toolbox (Beta-Version)
This current version 0.80 (Build 2 from 2021-09-09) is valid until 2020-12-31.

The Photography Toolbox is Donationware. This means, that there is no explicit price on it. Instead you decide how much this tool is worth to you. Please use the donation button below or on the left to help support any further development.

After downloading the zip-File, extract it to a folder of your choice. Then follow the instructions set out in this article: Getting started

System requirements:

  • Windows 10 64bit
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
  • 200MB HDD/SDD-space + space for previews (around 150-200MB per 1.000 Images or roughly 1GB per 5.000-7.000 Images)

In case of any question or problems or if you have feature suggestions, please use the Forum.

Version history

0.152020/08/21Initial upload
0.162020/08/24– Adding registration support
– Improving undo-actions for moving files, ratings and labels
(restoring not only files, ratings, labels, but also the previous selection)
0.242020/09/28– complete rework of keyword- and image list
– keywords not yet in the keyword list are now automatically added (inkl. hierarchy)
– keyword hierarchies are now written to Exif-Data
– Geolocation-data (country, state, city, location) and title/description are now included in filters
– several performance improvements
– bugfixes regarding GPS-mapping, changing metadata, removing keywords and more
0.252020/09/29– Hotfix to correct a bug concerning GPS-Mapping if GPX-Timerange is not within image-time range
– check if a database in the directory already exists. If not, an empty database is created
0.352020/11/02– overhaul of Import-functionality
– option to write geo-location data to keywords
– database maintenance and automatic backup every 7 days
– filter now works with keyword hierarchies as well
– histogram dispay
– display of ratings/labels on selected images
– performance tweaks
– fixing of many bugs
0.432020/11/15This version was never published since it was the last one before migrating to C#
– huge performance gain by completely reworking metadata-handling
– DNG-converter works in background
– Renaming now handled in background
– Easier building of templates for subfolders and renaming in Import-module
– new option in Import-module to avoid duplicate filenames
– better Zoomview in Browser-module and new fullscreen view
– Debugging functionalities
– Option to refresh metadata and previews
– Bug fixing
0.512020/12/22– tool migrated completely from Powershell to C#
– Cleaned up User Interface with resizable expanders
– new Map-expander to view/set image locations on a map
– reset textboxes and comboboxes by double-clicking on them
– new option to change the parent of a keyword in the keywordlist
– more undo-options, e.g. for deleting images, timeshift and modifiying the keywordlist
– Importtemplates
– new Shortcut (C) to move images to the current work folder.
– Inputvalidation and better error handling
– most parts of the code have been optimized
– many bugs fixed
0.672021/02/27– redesign of keyword management
– new logs functions
– improved filters
– image stacks
– performance improvements
– GUI optimization
– many bugs fixed
0.692021/03/26– Improvements in navigation
– new Folder collections
– improved search in keyword list
– performance improvements
– bug fixing
For more details see:
0.722021/05/02-Collections are now available
-added Metadata-History window including export as csv
-Keyword counter
-performance improvements
-bug fixing
For more details see:

Build 10 from 2020-05-31 fixed a bug in the database update routine that prevented a fresh install.
-new information display on selected images
-improved zoom
-Last used keywords-display
-Sorting of images
-optional use of OpenStreetMap for reverse geocoding (instead if Google Maps)
-number of possible external editors increased to 12 (previously 7)
0.802021/09/09-new Import/Copy/Rename-Tool used in the browser module
-introduction of events
-two new color labels
-IPTC-Metadata and -templates
-synched changes on linked images
-copy/paste metadata
-watched folders
-additional default folders
-support for On1, DXO and Capture One sidecar files
-remapping of missing folders
-change database location now possible
-performance improvements