Beta Release v0-69

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Beta Release v0-69

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I am pleased to annouce, that beta release v0-69 is available now for download.
The main working areas besides optimisation and solving bugs was an improvement on navigation and the implementation of folder collections allowing for the use of offline files.

The newest release can be downloaded here: https://phototoolbox.fotoblog-reiseberi ... /download/

Complete list of changes:
  • SelectedItems not updated when stack is expanded bug #272
  • Marker in Map for GPS-Position not centered on location bug #271
  • After geotagging through map all images are selected bug #270
  • strAnyTextFilter looses focus after entering text bug #269
  • PTLog/PTLogTransaction: add async methods to CreationComplete and CommitOpenChanges performance #268
  • Refresh filter / stacks only if relevant change happened performance #267
  • Keywords in Metadata include leading spaces bug #266
  • DeleteNonExisting in Maintenance not comitted bug #265
  • Getting Translations for Cloud Vision does not work bug #264
  • Refresh Metadata causes keywords to exist twice in ImageList.Keywords bug #263
  • Add TransactionSize parameter to Sqlite-Module Code optimization #260
  • Allow for multiple database connections Code optimization #259
  • scroll lstBrowser into view for lstSelectedImages.selectedItem bug #258
  • optimize WorkerMaintenance for Memory Consumption Code optimization #257
  • vEmptyTransactions is missing join on criteria bug #254
  • Check on null when setting Treeview Item Source bug #253
  • Move/Copy operations: Check if new folder is different from old one bug #252
  • Initialize Foldertree: get real path names (with right casing) bug #250
  • Refresh right pane info once new data has arrived or of pane/expander was expanded bug #248
  • Returning to normal view from full screen view does not work bug #247
  • Imagedata does not refresh if single image is selected bug #244
  • Selection does not update if image is selected by mouse in lstSelectedImages bug #243
  • Importlist Count-Textbox not updating bug #242
  • Folders list: button =>change dynamic resource in style to static resource bug #241
  • ReadStacks: Handle missing ratings bug #240
  • SetCurrentFolder: handle invalid filenames bug #239
  • WorkerPreviews: Check if file is in use before generating preview bug #238
  • Move Histogram Events to Histogram class and remove dynamic GuiObject Type in DraggableObject Code optimization #237
  • Add sorting by number to lstSelectedImages in ImageList_GUI bug #236
  • Rework imagelist to separate GUI Code optimization #235
  • optimize PTIMage metadata changes Code optimization #234
  • Implement INotifyPropertyChanged to DraggableControl Code optimization #233
  • Make GUI.Class into static class and remove need for GUIItems Class Code optimization #232
  • OptR causes to load folder even if folderview is selected bug #231
  • Fix reference to keyword column in PTTreeViewItem.Initialize bug #230
  • AnyFilter: optional Placeholders of field is specified enhancement #229
  • PTLog/PTLogTransaction: add option to cancel transaction enhancement #227
  • Undo Moving files if move was not yet done bug #226
  • Add option to copy, move files and to Remove from database to Folder Collections enhancement #225
  • Consolidate Folder & Collection Tab enhancement #224
  • Allow filter in folderlist to exclude folder with zero files enhancement #223
  • Add option to exclude parents from search results in treeview enhancement #222
  • Add new Object to check if attached drives have been added/removed enhancement #221
  • PTLog Add Method to ReQueue all pending transactions enhancement #220
  • Allow for Or-Search in TreeView enhancement #219
  • Fix autozoom in Map bug #218
  • Add undo to metadatachanges (Title, Description, Geolocation, Copyright) enhancement #217
  • Fix CTR+A not working if focus on lstBrowser was not set by mouse bug #216
  • Add CTRL-D / CTRL-T-Shortcuts for Title and Description enhancement #215
  • Keyword shortcuts (STRG+K/ALT-K) not always working bug #214
  • add maxheight to lstKeywords bug #213
  • Fix up and down key in lstSelectedImages if columns change because of width bug #212
  • Link lstSelectedImages to lstBrowser.SelectedItems enhancement #211
  • Implement VirtualizingWrapPanel enhancement #210
  • Multiselection not correct if initial image selected by key and not by mouse bug #201
  • Return to autosize if one one image is selected enhancement #200
  • Add PNG support enhancement #198
  • Implement Folder view with offline capabilities enhancement #194
  • Enable up/down in lstSelectedImages enhancement #193
  • Undo GPS-Tagging from Map bug #170
  • Better handling of modifying multiple files if all files are selected enhancement #166
  • add pageview to lstSelectedImages enhancement #12
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