Welcome to the Photography Toolbox Homepage

Photography Toolbox is meant to be the little tool that helps you around organizing your photos before you will start importing them into a big photo software like lightroom. In many cases it can also be your central image organisation software.

It’ll help you to

  • get your files onto your computer from your memory card
  • rename / copy / move files
  • DNG-conversion
  • putting metadata into your images like copyright information
  • sorting / rating / labeling images
  • correct times/dates
  • map GPX-files with GPS-data to your images
  • add geolocation data based on GPS coordinates (country, state, city)
  • add keywords manually or automatically (!)

If you don’t know why you should use this tool instead of your RAW-converter (e.g. Lightroom) for these tasks, check out this article: Why use the Photography Toolkit?

This website will provide you will all information you need about the Photography Toolbox. However, if you need support or you have suggestions, please leave a message in the forum.

Click here to download the latest version of the Photography Toolbox!